Download Vinod Mehra & Moushumi Chatterjee Romance Scenes | Us-Paar (1974)

Date: 2014-07-31


Mohan is a college student and a slacker. His father asks him to come to their village home so that he can continue on with his studies without any interruptions, and also look after his ailing grandfather, while his dad goes out to travel to bring his mother back home. Mohan instead takes his camera and goes for long walks amongst the wilderness. One day he comes across a mela (fair) run by gypsies, and instantly falls head over heels in love with Kamli. He takes her photograph, rides on her carousel (merry go round), and they become friends. They meet in secret every day. When Mohan asks Kamli to marry him, she tells him that she is to marry Bhairo, part of the gypsy group, but she also indicates that she loves him. Mohan and Kamli plan to run away together. Kamli accordingly packs up and waits for Mohan to show up. But Mohan does not show up, instead Bhairo shows up and takes Kamli by force back to their camp. Will Kamli ever come to know why Mohan did not come as they had planned?

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